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The Beach Club

In 1844, there were approximately 50 private “summer cottages” in Cape May, most of which were inhabited by Delaware River and Bay pilots. Later in the nineteenth century, a “Cottagers Association” was formed but was disbanded in the early twentieth century. In 1938, the “Cottagers” reorganized and a year later, the Green Mill Club was founded to provide activity and recreation for the children of the Cottagers and Cape May residents.

After twenty five years in successful operation, the fondly remembered carousel shaped green building was destroyed by fire. Meanwhile, continuing erosion of Cape May’s beaches, which was exacerbated by the 1962 storm, convinced many of the need for a dedicated beach for summer residents.

In 1964, the Cape May Cottagers Beach Club was incorporated and opened, with Eleanor Meeker as its first president. As indicated by its name, membership in The Cottagers was a prerequisite for membership in The Beach Club. It remained so until 1986, when the name was changed to Beach Club of Cape May, and membership was opened to non-Cottagers for all to enjoy! In 2014 we proudly celebrated our 50th Anniversary.

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